Manage the Media

Edward Segal provides advice and counsel to clients on the steps they can take to develop and maintain effective working relationships with the media, including:

  • How to attract the attention of the media
  • How to understand and work with news organizations
    • How the media works
    • What editors, reporters, columnists, and bloggers look for in interviews
    • Learning from the success and failures of others
      • How individuals in the public eye have conducted themselves in interviews
      • How to duplicate their successes and avoid their failures
    • How to develop and deliver your messages
      • Criteria for effective messages
      • How to stay on message and avoid being sidetracked by a reporter’s questions
      • How to create and deliver sound bites
  • Media interview checklist (what you should know before agreeing to do any media interview)
  • Keys to interview success
    • How to ensure interviews turn out the way you want
    • The importance of visuals, and how to use them correctly
    • Secrets to handling tough or negative questions
  • How to make the most of your publicity before, during and after stories are published, posted, or broadcasted

Edward Segal has conducted media relations workshops for these corporations and organizations:

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